Swag Bucks- Your Reward



Have you read how I’m able to earn $15 a month by using Swagbucks yet?

Want to earn 25 Swagbucks right now? Follow the below steps:

  • Sign into your Swagbucks account by clicking here, or by using your Swagbucks tool bar if you haven’t already today (earn 1 Swagbuck)
  • Click on No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO) and Skip Offers (earn 2 Swagbucks)
  • Take the Daily Poll (earn 1 Swagbuck)
  • On the left side under, “Earn” click on “Special Offers” then “Radium One” and then sort by “Free”
  • You should see these offers below possibly on the first page:

Follow the steps to earn 25 SB under Special Offers. If you’re lucky you’ll also win more Swagbucks while doing your normal online searches today!

So in all, I earned myself 29 Swagbucks today (not including searches) by following all the steps above and all it took me was 5 minutes of my time to do those following steps above. If I were to continue earning 29 Swagbucks a day for a month, it would be enough to earn myself(1) $5 gift cards to spend on Amazon.com and I’d only be 1 points shy of another $5 gift card which could easily. That would be $10 worth of FREE money I could spend buying stuff that I want or need for only 10 minutes a day! If I were to keep this up, I could earn $120 a year in the form of Amazon gift cards. Remember, you can have more than one person per household sign up for Swagbucks and maximize your earnings.

If you’re not a member yet, you should join today! Just for joining, you earn 30 SB PLUS earn 100 more for entering promo code HOLIDAYSWAGS when signing up.

What is Swagbucks?
Swagbucks is a search engine which rewards you for searching or performing other tasks, and you can even earn points for printing and using coupons! I really like using it because it’s one of the easiest ways to earn extra money online. It doesn’t take much effort to earn a variety of different free items such as Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards and more!
You can easily earn enough points for a $5 Amazon gift card every month by doing the below everyday:
  • Search and Win – approx 10 points or more
  • Click on No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO) and Skip Offers – 2 Swagbucks daily
  • Take the Daily Poll – 1 Swagbuck daily
  • Login Via the Toolbar – 1 Swagbuck daily
  • Click on Trusted Surveys – 1 Swagbuck
  • Earn 50 FREE Swag Bucks on your birthday!
  • Reading my blog! I announce when points become available to use and how to follow my easy steps to earning more Swagbucks every day!

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