What a treat or trick?

Halloween, is in some peoples view a great holiday. I would view at as an event people can dress up or kids go trick or treating. When I was a kid going trick or treating I went with my buddies down through the neighborhoods. It was kind of a small to medium size city where I grew up. I went one time as a paperboy which I really was a paperboy who delivered newspapers to my customers in a seven block radius. I can still remember my route number to this day. My friend,Chris who has past away a while back, was one of my best friends. He and I would deliver our newspapers together. We would race to see who could get down faster. Well, we went trick or treating and both of us were paperboys. We used our newspaper bags as our place to put our candy in. I had mine turned around so I could stuff it and keep it close to me. We much of went to about twenty or so blocks of homes to get candy. Our bags were full and we decided to go back home. While we were walking home a car pulled up to us by the curb. It had stopped suddenly and a teenager got out of the car quickly. He ran to me and grabbed my newspaper bag. He tore it off my head and ran back to the car. I went right after him. I got a hold of my newspaper bag and held on for dear life. He pulled and tugged on it to get me to give it up. To me that was my life and MY candy. I wasn’t going to give it to someone who was going to steal it. By now my friend, Chris, got there and helped me get my newspaper bag. The teenager saw that he wasn’t going to win so he grabbed as much candy from my bag as he could. By now, I heard my newspaper bag ripping and it tore the seam of the bag down the side which made the rest of the candy go to the ground. The teenager got in the car and they drove off quickly. Speeding down the road and turned the corner speeding! Now the rest of my candy laid all over the ground. If you could of seen my face then. I just wanted to cry. But boys our age don’t cry but I did. We were about 12 or 13 years old at the time. My friend did his best to help me pick up my candy and put it in the other side of my newspaper bag. When we got home my best friend did something I couldn’t believe at the time. He gave me some of his candy to make sure I had as much as he did. I was so happy then and so glad I had him as my friend.

So, I look at Halloween as a time were friends have fun!!



God bless you, Chris & everyone!!!!




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