A Day Of Trying!


I had a day of trying to get through, do to my pain level, stiff neck, striking & shooting pain going down legs, emotions, and not understanding. 

You see I have CES. If you look that up on Google you would find several things for those letters. It stands for Cauda Equina Syndrome in my case. Most people might not know what health problem that is but it is in other terms a spinal cord injury. This is why I have some of my pain along with having fibromyalgia. I am not complaining but just dealing with it all. 

Most of the day I sit or lay down. It just a matter of moving around to get relief. Then I try and get up in doing some things around the house as I can manage. One thing that helps is knowing who my Lord Jesus Christ is in my life. Without Him I may not be able to manage my day. 

Just keeping going minute by minute or hour by hour is the key I have to follow. Jesus loves and cares for me and His Word says if I cast my care on Him, which I have to do hour by hour! 

Just remember to keep trying!

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