A Trip To Ireland

It would be really cool to be able to go to an Island with a lot of culture, castles, & a great country! It is a place that my wife has always wanted to go as a little girl. She loves the fact that there is castles in this great Country land.  She also would love to be able to go up into the castle tower and bestow her imaginary prince! Then her prince would fight off that fire breathing dragon & rescue her from that great towering castle tower. Oh, the beauty of being able to imagine what that would be like in her eyes as a


little girl who has always wanting to go to that great country island, Ireland!

My purpose for writing this is for family, friends, and others to be able to help her have that trip to Ireland.

Here is a link I have set up for you to donate air fare miles for that trip: http://www.usairwaysgiftregistry.com/bradmaples/

Thank you very much!!

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