My Tweet for you!

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” title=”My Tweet for you!”>My Tweet for you!

Click on this so you can either follow me or sign up for your chance to get some gift cards like Amazon, Paypal, Starbucks, and many more gift cards! If you try maybe you will be able to get one each week. Hey, that sound like a great idea! I am going to go there now to earn some more, see ya! 


Swag Bucks- Your Reward



Have you read how I’m able to earn $15 a month by using Swagbucks yet?

Want to earn 25 Swagbucks right now? Follow the below steps:

  • Sign into your Swagbucks account by clicking here, or by using your Swagbucks tool bar if you haven’t already today (earn 1 Swagbuck)
  • Click on No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO) and Skip Offers (earn 2 Swagbucks)
  • Take the Daily Poll (earn 1 Swagbuck)
  • On the left side under, “Earn” click on “Special Offers” then “Radium One” and then sort by “Free”
  • You should see these offers below possibly on the first page:

Follow the steps to earn 25 SB under Special Offers. If you’re lucky you’ll also win more Swagbucks while doing your normal online searches today!

So in all, I earned myself 29 Swagbucks today (not including searches) by following all the steps above and all it took me was 5 minutes of my time to do those following steps above. If I were to continue earning 29 Swagbucks a day for a month, it would be enough to earn myself(1) $5 gift cards to spend on and I’d only be 1 points shy of another $5 gift card which could easily. That would be $10 worth of FREE money I could spend buying stuff that I want or need for only 10 minutes a day! If I were to keep this up, I could earn $120 a year in the form of Amazon gift cards. Remember, you can have more than one person per household sign up for Swagbucks and maximize your earnings.

If you’re not a member yet, you should join today! Just for joining, you earn 30 SB PLUS earn 100 more for entering promo code HOLIDAYSWAGS when signing up.

What is Swagbucks?
Swagbucks is a search engine which rewards you for searching or performing other tasks, and you can even earn points for printing and using coupons! I really like using it because it’s one of the easiest ways to earn extra money online. It doesn’t take much effort to earn a variety of different free items such as Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards and more!
You can easily earn enough points for a $5 Amazon gift card every month by doing the below everyday:
  • Search and Win – approx 10 points or more
  • Click on No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO) and Skip Offers – 2 Swagbucks daily
  • Take the Daily Poll – 1 Swagbuck daily
  • Login Via the Toolbar – 1 Swagbuck daily
  • Click on Trusted Surveys – 1 Swagbuck
  • Earn 50 FREE Swag Bucks on your birthday!
  • Reading my blog! I announce when points become available to use and how to follow my easy steps to earning more Swagbucks every day!